Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Zakir,

Head of Solar (Photovoltaic),, Contact No.: 051-9258233

Field: Photovoltaic, Crystal Growth, Photovoltaic Systems Sizing and Installation

Experience: More than 30 years experience in renewable energy specially in lamination of solar modules

Publication: More than 20 publications in National and International Journals / Proceeding of the Conferences

Engr. Iqbal Hussain,


Contact No.: 051-9265149

Head Commercialization

Experience: More than 20 years experience

Field: Electrical Engineering (Power)

Mr. Muhammad Hashim Sheikh,

Head of Lamination Laboratory,

Contact No.: 051-9257439,

Field: Photovoltaic Lamination of Modules,

Experience: More than 25 years experience in renewable energy specially in lamination of solar modules

Dr. Afzal Hussain Kamboh,

Head  of  Organic Solar Cells Laboratory, ,

Contact No.: 051-9265278

Ø  Fabrication of thin films of metals, semiconductors and Insulators in High Vacuum Systems. 

Ø  Environmental Detectors (Gas Detectors, IR Detectors) 

Ø  Hetrojunctions (On Silicon and Gallium Arsenide substrates) 

Ø  Transparent Conducting Oxide Thin Films on semiconductors glasses and lenses. 

Ø  Device Fabrication Diode, Transistor, Hetetrojunction, X-Ray Detectors etc) 

Ø  Solar Cells Fabrication Silicon, and Gallium Arsenide solar cells) 

Ø  Antireflection Coatings on Semiconductors 

Ø  Solar Thermal AR Coatings on Glasses, Fabrication of solar thermal devices) 

Ø  Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells Fabrication 

Mr. Muhammad Akram,

Head of Solar Testing Labs,


Contact No.: 051-9258230-31, 9257473-74

Field: Electronics, Solar Testing Labs (PV and Solar Thermal Systems)

Experience: More than 15 years Teaching experience in Pertoman Institute & more than 10 years in Renewable Energy.

Mr. Saeed Hussain,

Head of Solar Thermal,


Contact No.: 051-9258234, 03008335518,

Field: Solar Thermal (Solar Thermal Power Solar Cooking, Solar Water Heating, Solar Drying and Solar Desalination)

Experience: More than 26 years in Renewable Energy 

Mr. Muhammad Hussain

In charge: Workshop, Contact No.: 051-9258230-31, 9257473-74

Experience: More than 28 years

Mr. Muhammad Nabi,

Head Regional Office Quetta,


Field: Microhydel, Biogas,

Experience: More than 25 years experience in the field of Biogas and Microhydel

Mr. Abdul Hameed Saand

Head Regional Office Karachi,

Contact / Fax No.: 021-9243786

Field: Computer Science /Renewable Energy 

Mr. Ejaz Ahmed

In charge: Security and Training,

Head Office Islamabad,

Contact No.: 051-9258230-31, 9257473-74,

Field: Biogas,

Experience: More Than 28 years,

Mr. Inayat Ullah Shah,

Head Regional Office Peshawar ,

Contact No.:091-9217367, Fax No.: 091-9217368,

Field: Micro Hydydel,

Experience: More than 28 years

Mr. Khalid Nazir,

Head Regional Office Lahore,

Contact No.:  042-5321782, Fax No.:042-5321783,

Field: Biogas,

Experience: More Than 28 years,